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October 13, 2023

This is the finale of the largest bicycle integration for companies this fall! 🏁 The FRRuuu 2023 event series has come to an end. It was awesome! 🚴🏻💥

In September, over 3 000 employees, representing over 200 companies, took part in the City Bike Game. How did Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań get started? Check out the article! 👇🏻

The companies involved are also contributing to the planting of nearly 3 500 new trees 🌳 withthe social start-up Dotlenieni.organd contribute to improving the air quality around cities in Poland!


Several hundred teams in 3 cities
took part in the all-day event, where they rode along bicycle paths while solving tasks and puzzles.

Riders collected points thanks to a dedicated application and then continued integration in a bicycle town full of attractions. Sounds like fun? That’s what we heard from our participants!

What more to say about FRRuuu 2023?

Thank you for the involvement of all Partners and Sponsors of FRRuuu 2023!


Congratulations to all teams from Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań! 🎉 Who stood on the podium in each city?

🥈 US Pharmacia
🥉 Clearcode Services

🥇 PM Group Polska
🥈 Pretius Software
🥉 Pretius Software

🥉 Flexlink Systems Polska

More about results, awards and full ranking > CLICK

However, if the results were to reflect the level of commitment and fun, every competitor would be on the podium!


The great fun of the participants in three cities had to be immortalized! Maybe it was your smile that the photographer caught? 👀 Check!


Also watch the video that shows how three cities in Poland got started and once again let yourself be carried away by the unique atmosphere!


The 3rd edition of FRRuuu was supported by a total of over 30 Partners and Sponsors. Find out more about some of them:


How does involvement in FRRuuu connect with the Hasco-Lek mission?

The foundation of our activity is caring for health and ensuring patient safety. We implement our mission – “We comprehensively care for the health and comfort of life of Poles” by taking a number of various activities. From the production of pharmaceuticals, through advanced research in the field of medical sciences and pharmacy, to the distribution of products and treatment of patients in our own medical facilities, as well as activities in the field of CSR and employer branding.

Supporting various sports initiatives, both at the local and national level, and taking actions to promote physical activity is somehow “inscribed in the company’s DNA”. Companies belonging to the HASCO Group and their employees are involved in these activities and willingly participate in such sports events as FRRuuu or Bieg Firmowy. Supporting sports events promotes a healthy lifestyle – something that is extremely important to us.

What actions does Hasco-Lek take in matters of social responsibility and ESG sustainable development?

The company’s management has been involved in a number of charity campaigns for many years. This contributed significantly to the establishment of the Hasco-Lek Foundation, which was established in 2006 on the initiative of employees and the Management Board. On a daily basis, the Hasco-Lek Foundation implements projects that especially help those most in need.

Our many years of patronage of sports events and experience have allowed us to better understand the needs of the broadly understood sports environment. At the same time, the company noticed that few Polish companies support athletes with disabilities.

Moreover, since 2012, Hasco-Lek has been implementing a social marketing campaign under the slogan “I help? Naturally”. Thanks to it, 3 percent income from the sale of products from the NaturKaps series is transferred to the implementation of statutory activities and projects of the Hasco-Lek Foundation.

Hasco-Lek pays special attention to the environment. From the beginning of our activity, both production plants, in Wrocław and Siechnice, have had an Environmental Management System in place, confirmed by certificates of compliance with the ISO 14001 Standard, and the processes used thoughtfully use raw materials, packaging and other materials. We use environmentally friendly solutions, and our production and packaging technologies are largely automated. Our flagship activity is care for natural resources. Iwe invest in renewable energy sources. One of the steps taken was the investment in installing photovoltaic panels.

We prevent pollution and reduce our impact on the environment, starting from the planning and purchasing stages, ending with recycling and disposal of used packaging and products, through, among others: sustainable use of resources and implementation of the latest achievements in the field of technology. Since 2021, we have been cooperating with a company that collects gelatin waste from us for a company producing farm animal feed. During the period of cooperation, we have already transferred over 210 tons of this type of waste. An important event was UPM Raflatac joining RafCycleTM, a label waste recycling program under which label liner is processed and returned to circulation. So far, we have recycled over 8 tons of our label waste, which has been given a new life.

At Hasco-Lek, we have also maintained an Environmental Management System for almost 20 years. Every year we strive to minimize our impact on the environment, including: by reducing waste, water and electricity consumption, and reducing transport that uses fossil fuels. It also means grass-roots involvement of employees and entire departments by introducing electronic documentation and reducing current paper consumption. We achieve the goals set in the environmental policy for sustainable development through knowledge and constant monitoring of the compliance of the company’s activities with legal regulations, environmental standards, official decisions and contracts in the field of environmental protection, in all areas of our operations.

How does participation in FRRuuu affect the areas of HR and employee well-being in the company?

Participating in the City Bike Game is an ideal opportunity for our employees to integrate even better and strengthen interpersonal bonds. For the entire Hasco Group, which employs approx. 1,500 people, it is impossible to know everyone, so such events are an ideal time for us to establish relationships with other employees. Moreover, FRRuuu supports and promotes an active lifestyle, just as we at the company try to do among our employees.
We take special care of our employees. We not only care about their individual development, but also support an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect and motivate them to expand their knowledge and share experiences. This has a significant impact on internal relationships. We are happy to co-finance their participation in sports events, and as part of the implemented MultiSport program offer, we facilitate access to various forms of activity and sports facilities. The passion for sports resulted in the creation of informal company football teams and a running section.


We encourage you to read an excerpt from the interview with Tomasz Nowak, Managing Director of Auto Group Polska.

Electric cars will soon no longer
be unique on our roads.”

When writing about the development of Auto Group Polska, it is worth mentioning the issue of e-mobility, which is extremely important not only for our company, but for the entire automotive industry. In your opinion, will electric cars fully replace combustion-powered cars in the near future?

What is the market share of telephones with keyboards today? Have you ever seen a video or DVD rental shop? How eager are you to make purchases online? Do you still remember the profession of a telephone operator? Did you imagine in the year 2000 that in 20 years you would be able to earn a lot of money through making short films and posting them online? These are some of the few examples showing how we, humans and society, are constantly changing. Electric cars will soon no longer be unique on our roads. Yes, today we can say range, charging infrastructure, price, but let’s see how many changes have occurred in these three areas in the last 2 years. Internal combustion cars will not completely disappear from the market, but they will be gradually replaced by electric cars.

How quickly can this happen?

From a global perspective, the Volkswagen Group planned that in 2021 approximately 5% of cars leaving the group’s factories would be BEVs (battery electic vehicles) – these are fully electric cars powered by batteries. Despite the semiconductor crisis, 4% of the group’s new cars were electric, so it was close to achieving this goal. In 2025, it will be approximately 20% of production, and in 2030, approximately 50%. We can see that in Poland these cars are adapting a bit slower (because BEVs accounted for just over 1% of total sales of VAG cars), although the increase is large every month. For example – in November 2021, a record was broken: 922 new BEVs were registered, and a month later, in December 2021, this record was significantly broken: 1,459 – i.e. 58% more month by month. In total, 98% more electric cars were registered in Poland in 2021 than in the previous year. Over 19% of EV cars registered in Poland in 2021 were VAG cars.

What about infrastructure? I guess Poland is not ready for such changes yet?

Indeed, infrastructure is crucial when new cars become popular. For example, in Wrocław and its immediate vicinity, we have 57 publicly available charging points (many of them have several connectors). The Greenway network itself has over 50 charging connectors in the city and its immediate surroundings. To show the dynamics of growth in Poland, it is enough to quote the numbers: in July there were 2,308 publicly available charging points, while in December there were 2,878. Within half a year, 570 points were added! Another good news for us is the subsidy program of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, which will allocate PLN 1 billion in the coming months for the development of the charging network in the form of a subsidy, thanks to which an additional 17,000 stations will be created. We see that both directions: sales of EV cars and network development are developing very dynamically.


For SOFTSWISS, the Polish market is a priority when creating development centers. The company actively participates in local conferences, and the names of its employees often appear in expert publications on the most important Polish websites. SOFTSWISS also supports local professional communities, in particular the Ruby community in Białystok and Warsaw. In Poznań, the company organized a hackathon for students of technical universities and young IT specialists. The event encouraged participants to propose solutions to develop a practical online platform for household waste management.

Poland is a center for the rapid development of SOFTSWISS as a product company, offering opportunities to implement innovative projects to programmers, testers, analysts, managers and various IT specialists. Comfortable development centers in Poznań and Warsaw are easily accessible to Polish employees.

Currently, SOFTSWISS employs over 1,400 people living in various countries and even continents. The company is famous for its well-established remote work system, which allows it to attract talented specialists not only from all over Poland, but also from around the world. In addition to being nominated for ‘Workplace of the Year’, the international IT company was shortlisted for ‘Corporate Services Provider of the Year’, ‘Sports Betting Provider of the Year’ and ‘Platform Provider of the Year’.

In addition to being nominated for “Employer of the Year”, SOFTSWISS has the potential to secure wins in categories such as “White Label Supplier of the Year”, “Platform Supplier of the Year”, “eSports Supplier of the Year” and “Casino Entertainment Innovation”. Congratulations!


We would like to thank all employees and company representatives, as well as Partners and Sponsors, for their commitment 👏🏻

🔔 See you in May at Bieg Firmowy and next year in the 4th edition of FRRuuu!