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Cyclist visibility after dark ?

June 3, 2024

How to shine as a cyclist? 🚴🏻‍♂️💥 Find out how important visibility is when cycling after dark. In cooperation with the ProX brand, useful material on road safety has been prepared.

When riding a bike at dusk or after dark, have you ever wondered how visible you are to other road users?

Cycling safety is something to take very seriously, and visibility plays a key role in this process. That’s why today I would like to talk about reflectors and cyclist lighting, which help ensure our safety on the road when the sun goes down 🌞

This is how you can see a cyclist without reflectors or lighting.
This is how you can see a cyclist without reflectors or lighting.
Why is cyclist visibility so important?

Cyclist visibility is an issue that is of great importance for our safety on the road. Cyclists are among the most vulnerable road users,, especially at dusk when visibility is limited. There are several key reasons why it is worth taking care of our

👉🏻 Increased chance of avoiding a collision: Thanks to better visibility, we gain more time to react to possible danger and avoid an accident.

👉🏻 Informing other road users: By being more visible, we inform car drivers, pedestrians and other cyclists of our presence, helping to avoid potential

👉🏻 Compliance with regulations: Many countries have regulations that require the use of bicycle lights and reflectors after dark. Failure to fulfill this obligation may result in a fine or other legal consequences.

Reflectors – your allies on the road

Reflectors are a simple but extremely effective method of increasing our visibility on a bike. They can be attached to the handlebar, trunk, bicycle wheels, helmet or clothes. It is crucial that reflectors are placed in places that are visible to other road users, both from the front and behind. It is also a good idea to buy reflective clothing items, such as
vests or armbands, which increase our visibility.

This is how you see a cyclist with reflectors, without lighting.
This is how you see a cyclist with reflectors, without lighting.
Bicycle lighting – not only in the dark

Bicycle lighting is another effective way to increase our visibility. Front and rear lights are popular as they allow the light to be dispersed around us and inform other road users about our approach. When choosing lighting, pay attention to several key issues:

👉🏻 Brightness: The brighter the lighting, the better, although there is one but. The bright front light and red tail light make you visible from a greater distance. However, remember that for public roads it is best to choose front lighting with a cut-off or direct the light downwards to minimize glare. An example of a lighting model with a cut-off is Prox Rigel, Prox Kraz or Prox Aero F III. ProX focuses on the safety of cyclists and other road users.

👉🏻 Light Modes: Many bike lights have different lighting modes that can be adjusted to suit road conditions. You can choose steady light or flashing light, depending on your preference. The lighting can be equipped with additional safety features, such as a brake sensor. When braking suddenly, the rear light shines with the highest power for a few seconds,
which draws the attention of the person behind us, an example of such a lighting model is Prox Ara II 💡

👉🏻 Rechargeable batteries: For the environment and savings, you can consider purchasing a lamp with a rechargeable battery instead of using disposable batteries 🔋

This is how you can see a cyclist with reflectors and lighting.
This is how you can see a cyclist with reflectors and lighting.

Cyclist visibility at dusk is a key element of road safety. Reflectors and lighting are simple but very effective tools that help minimize the risk of accidents. Prox’s offer includes lighting for every budget, and to choose it according to our needs, it is best to contact the manufacturer directly.

Let’s remember that our safety depends largely on our visibility, so let’s not skimp on reflectors and bicycle lights. It is an investment in our lives and health, as well as a contribution to the safety of all road users. A bicycle is a fantastic means of transport, but let’s make sure to travel safely, both during the day and at dusk 🚲

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