Nomination for "Event of the Year" in the "Integration" category MP Power Awards

Are you a coordinator in the company?



Are you looking for employee integration innovations?
Do you have a limited budget? Or maybe on the contrary, the budget for building relationships in the company doesn’t play a role?
Do you want to activate teams in the areas of ecology, sports, wellbeing and team building?
Do you know company cyclists, lovers of physical activity or people who can’t wait for next integration?

Are you interested in a ready-made solution that does not require time-consuming activities?

If at least one of your answers is YES, we present you FRRuuu, the only
bicycle event for companies in Poland ­čÜ┤­čĆ╗ÔÇŹÔÖé´ŞĆ

What is it about?

FRRuuu bike city game is a one-day event taking place in Wrocław and Warsaw in September, in which 4-person company teams have to overcome an approximately 25-kilometer route full of challenges and tasks, for solving which they receive points.

FRRuuu really responds to
your and company's needs. It is:

the only bicycle event for companies in Poland,

all-day event full of attractions (city game, bike town and starter package) for about PLN 1,000/4-person team,

a ready-made solution for team integration and building lasting relationships between employees;

promotion of switching from car to bicycle, physical activity and planting forests (1 participant = 1 tree),

the possibility of renting a bike free of charge by the game participant during the event,

a route running through bicycle paths, an opportunity to get to know the cycling part of the city.

See the video of the event

How to join FRRuuu?


Assemble any number of 4-person teams in the company, which will get on bikes in September, to fight for victory and prizes. Regulations of the event CLICK


Register your company in the store, select the preferred number of starter packs and place your order until August 31. 


Pay for the participation (FV, 7 days for payment, place custom requests in the comment when placing the order).


Complete your teams in the system. Necessary data: name, surname, e-mail address, gender and language of communication.


So what, ready to go?

Download communication materials


1. During completing players’ data, you indicate the captain of the team.

2. Each participant will receive the most important information before the event, which he should read before the start.

3. Current information is also provided on and in social media.


1. Upon arrival at the event site, participants
can pick up starter packs and instructions
about bike game. Each team is scheduled
for a specific start time. This allows you to stay safe on the route and avoid traffic jams on bicycle paths. A dozen or so teams start about every 15 minutes.

2. In the next step, the participants go on the route
and solve the tasks. Time: approx. 3,5-4 h.

3. After the end of the game, the participants arrive at the finish line,
which is located in the bicycle town.
From this point on, participants can spend their time using
the attractions offered on site.

4. Until 21:00 on the same day, the winners will be announced via social media. We will also inform you about the winners by e-mail in the following days.

5. You are interested in a place dedicated to employees
as well as a hot meal?

Check the offer of integration zones and catering.


1. As a coordinator, you will be asked to complete
a survey evaluating FRRuuu in the context
of our cooperation and the event itself. Your opinion
will have a real impact on future editions. Feedback survey
will also be sent to the participants.

2. You will receive a certificate one week after the event
confirming the number of trees planted thanks to your company.

3.In the coming weeks we will provide you with a video and photo
coverage of the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each participant will receive a code and instructions for renting bikes in the application. The code will be active on the day of the event. We encourage you to rent a bike near your home and ride it directly to the event site.

Yes, in the case of e.g. resignation of one of the team members, it’s allowed to replace or perform tasks for the absent person by another team member. Any changes should be reported to the Organizer at the following e-mail address:

Registration in the regular pool lasts until July 31 or until the pool of Starters is exhausted. After that, ticket prices will change.

The coordinator is obliged to complete the teams

  • until 05.09.2023 15:59 for Wroclaw,
  • 12.09.2023 r. till. 15:59 for Warsaw
  • and 19.09.2023 until. 15:59 for Pozna┼ä.

After this date, it may not be possible to change the data via the website.

The necessary data are:
– name
– surname
– e-mail address
Telephone number and date of birth aren’t mandatory.

Remember! There is no need to fill in team details immediately after purchasing starter packs.
We will inform you about the final date by e-mail.

Absolutely, we strongly encourage you to do so. There are also attractions for the youngest!

Starts take place from 8:00 to 12:00. Each team is scheduled for a specific time, which allows you to maintain safety on the route and avoid traffic jams on bicycle paths. A dozen or so teams start about every 15 minutes. The official schedule will be made available approximately one week before each event.

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