Nomination for "Event of the Year" in the "Integration" category MP Power Awards

Do you want to take part in the largest bike integration in Poland?



What is it about?

FRRuuu is the only bicycle event in Poland, connecting thousands of employees and company representatives! Do you care about having fun with your team and an eventful day?
Eco-integration invites you to play 👋🏼

Is FRRuuu for you?

If you’re an employee who:

takes care of physical activity and spending time outdoors,

likes cycling and sports competition,

cares about ecology and pays attention to environmental issues,

wants to get to know people from his company better…

FRRuuu is made for you!

Haven't been on a bike for a long time?

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a high-performance racer!

There are many stops along the route, so its length isn’t a challenge.

  • support the eco-initiative and planting trees,
  • get along better with the team you work with on a daily basis,
  • finally meet the people you work with remotely or
    other location,
  • take part in a free event full of attractions for the employee (city game, bike town and starters), 
  • spend time with your family who can cheer you on at the start,
  • get to know the cycling part of the city. 

How to sign up?


Inform the HR and marketing department
in your company about your willingness to participate.
You can include a link to the bookmark in the information email.
For Coordinator


Gather a 4-person team or
report your willingness to choose a random team with which
you will fight for victory and prizes.
Regulations of the event


The Coordinator from your company is responsible for organizational matters.
More info CLICK


Take good energy with you
and see you there!
So what, ready to go?

Has the coordinator already registered your team? What now?


1. You will receive all organizational information
before the event by e-mail from us and
Coordinator from your company.


1. Upon arrival at the event area,
you can pick up starters and instructions for the bike game. Each team
starts at a specific time, which allows you to maintain

2. You can start with your own bike or rent one
for free on site

3. You go on tour with your team, with whom you solve
tasks. Time: approx. 3,5-4 h.

4. Surprises from partners await you along the way.

5. After the end of the game, you arrive at the finish line,
which is located in the bike town. From that you can
spend time with your family and colleagues,
using the attractions offered on site

6. Are you interested in a place dedicated to employees at the event,
as well as a hot meal? Check
the offer of integration zones and catering.


1. As a participant, you will be asked to complete a survey
evaluating your participation in FRRuuu. Your opinion will make a real
impact on future editions.

2. A week after the event, the Coordinator will receive a certificate
confirming the number of trees planted thanks to your company. 

3. In the following weeks we will provide a photo and video relation
from the event. 

4. Current information is also available at
and in social media: Instagram, FB and LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each participant will receive a code and instructions for renting bikes in the application. The code will be active on the day of the event. We encourage you to rent a bike near your home and ride it directly to the event site. Your coordinator may submit a request to

The employee doesn’t incur any costs. The participation of the biker is covered entirely by the company.

Yes, in the case of e.g. resignation of one of the team members, it’s allowed to replace or perform tasks for the absent person by another team member. Any changes should be reported to the Organizer at the following e-mail address:

The necessary data are::
– name
– surname
– e-mail
– sex
– communication language

Telephone number and date of birth are not mandatory.

Your coordinator will definitely ask you for them 🙂

Absolutely, we strongly encourage you to do so. There are also attractions for the youngest!

Starts take place from 8:00 to 12:00. Each team is scheduled for a specific time, which allows you to maintain safety on the route and avoid traffic jams on bicycle paths. A dozen or so teams start about every 15 minutes. The official schedule will be made available approximately one week before each event.

On the FRRuuu route you will meet teams from: