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FRRuuu 2023 – get ready to take off?

January 22, 2023

No time to stop! Registration for the Bike City Game FRRuuu 2023 has started!

What will the next edition of the bicycle challenge for companies bring? Gather a team of 4, FRRuuun together with the team and see yourself 😎

Nearly 4 000 participants will set off on the bike paths of Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań this time! You know what it means? Your teams will plant more trees, and there will be over 6,000 trees in total 🌳 That’s a nice piece of forest!

Shoot kilometers, solve tasks and FRRuuuń in the largest bicycle integration for companies! 🚴🏻‍♂️

Before you read the most important information about FRRuuu 2023, watch the video summary of the second edition > AFTERMOVIE


Integration on two wheels will start in September:

🗓️ 09/09/2023➖ Wrocław
🗓️ 16/09/2023 ➖ Warsaw
🗓️ 23/09/2023 ➖ Poznań

Teams of 4 will start from cycling towns in Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań. You will check the detailed locations soon🚀

MEET THE NEW STARTER FRRuuu – click to enlarge

Current prices are valid until August 31 or while stocks last. Reserve your seats now on


During the new edition we will see each other in Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań. You can submit any number of 4-person teams to participate in FRRuuu. All you need to do is:

1. Register in the online store on
2. Add any number of 4-person teams.
3. Complete the data of participants and pay the invoice.


Bike city game is the only such integration on two wheels in Poland!
Join FRRuuu and see that this event is:
💛ready space for active integration for your company’s employees🤸‍♂️
💛safe event: teams are released in waves and starter packs contain hygiene item
💛CSR activities: each team is 4 trees planted :deciduous_tree:trees and a personalized certificate for the company
💛promoting a healthy and ecological lifestyle: we replace cars
with bicycles, we limit plastic (unlimited tap water) and guarantee
healthy and delicious snacks during the event
💛odrobina rywalizacji dla zawodniczek i zawodników: wygrywa drużyna, która zdobędzie największą liczbę punktów w grze a bit of competition for participants: the team that scores the most points in the game wins:trophy:, time doesn’t matter, correct answers do
💛consciously focusing on #wellbeing, #employerbranding and #experience in the company

Details of the event will appear soon😊 If you have any questions, please contact Dominika at

Let’s FRRuuu!