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FRRuuu results ?

September 12, 2023

What a month it was! 3. edition of the City Bike Game has come to an end🚴🏻‍♂️💛

Congratulations to all participants, regardless of their place in the game 🎉

Who stood on the podium in each of the three cities? You’ll find out by scrolling below 🥇

Thank you for your participation and lots of good energy on the route and in the FRRuu towns! It was really cool 💥

Now meet the teams that managed to score the most points! 🥇

FRRUUU WROCŁAW [09/09/2023]
FRRUUU WARSAW [16/09/2023]
FRRUUU POZNAŃ [23/09/2023]

The full list of teams, along with the sum of points scored and their place in the ranking can be found here👉🏻 CLICK

We will contact the winners by e-mail. The prizes will be sent after the final of the last FRRUUU in Poznań.


We would also like to thank all the Award Partners of this year’s edition of the City Bicycle Game for their commitment and support.

Maybe we’ll learn more about them? 🙌🏻
  1. Carex

    The history of the company begins in 2000, when Sarantis Polska was established as a daughter company of the Sarantis Group. The company’s offer includes a wide selection of cosmetic products under the Luksja, STR8, Kolastyna and Carex brands, and household products under the Jan Niezbędny and Grosik brands. The portfolio of brands managed by Sarantis Polska includes both brands belonging to the Sarantis Group and partner brands distributed exclusively. The founder of the awards is Sarantis Polska, distributor of the STR8 and Carex brands.

  2. Multisport

    Creator of cards providing access to 38 various activities, over 4,800 sports and recreation facilities, as well as the “Zaprojektuj Formę” loyalty program offering expert courses.

  3. is the largest online supermarket in Poland, operating for 17 years, and is a modern and convenient alternative to large grocery purchases
    in stationary stores. It offers a wide range of products and prices at the level of hypermarkets. Thanks to this, it allows you to save time and do comprehensive shopping in one place with delivery,
    without leaving your home. has its own warehouse facilities with an advanced order handling system. To ensure the highest quality of fresh products, they are portioned and packaged directly at suppliers for individual needs. Orders are then delivered to the indicated address from Monday to Sunday at the time specified by the customer.

  4. Instytut Świadomości

    Provides wellbeing solutions for companies. The focus is on increasing health awareness among employees, thanks to which the effects of the benefit are long-lasting. Instytut Świadomości tailors the offer individually to each company, checking what the greatest needs are and what areas require attention. A healthy and satisfied employee is the company’s best showcase.

  5. PROX

    Manufacturer of the Prox brand, a pioneer on the Polish market in the bicycle industry, specializing in parts and accessories. Prox is a brand that focuses on quality and functionality, looking for innovative solutions to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. This year, the brand introduced 4 unique e-bike models!

  6. GSK

    GSK is a global biopharmaceutical company that aims to combine science, technology and skills to help improve the quality of life and health of over 2.5 billion people over the next 10 years.

  7. Wordline

    Worldline means fast and safe cashless payments. With the “Worldline Tap on Mobile” application you accept payments on your phone wherever you want, whenever you want!

    Wordline is a payment solutions company. How have trends in cashless payments changed recently?

    Worldline is an innovative, employee-friendly and environmentally conscious company. We use extensive experience gained in 50 markets around the world in our payment solutions. Poland is particularly important to us because great solutions are created here and then prove useful in other countries. A good example is the Tap on Mobile application, which was created by a Polish company and is then successfully implemented in other countries. The Tap on Mobile application based on a SoftPos solution allows you to transform an ordinary smartphone or tablet running Android into a payment terminal. This is a response to the needs of the dynamically changing market of payment accepting devices. The solution is intuitive, so it is quickly gaining popularity among both sellers and buyers. It is used by, among others: food suppliers, couriers and micro-entrepreneurs. Anyone who has an application for their online banking will be able to use it. The Tap on Mobile application allows you to accept the so-called contactless payments, which, according to recent data, constitute as much as 98.5% of all card transactions in Poland in the traditional channel.

    Worldline is, above all, people and a great place to work. Year after year they receive the distinction for the best employer “Top Employer”. What do you think makes current and future employees rate Worldline so highly?

    The employee market is currently very demanding. In addition to financial conditions and development opportunities, today’s employees also care about the company’s values, e.g. caring for the natural environment, being socially responsible or sustainable development. These are the values that Worldline lives by every day. As an employer, we are even more pleased that our employees notice this and willingly come to the office, want to spend time here, also after work, develop their passions and together help charities to those who need it the most. An additional indicator of a good employer is the fact that employees identify with the company and see in it the possibility of creating their own career path and their future. These are the conditions offered by working at Worldline. However, despite the enormous work we have already put in, we are constantly trying to develop and change for our employees. We want our employees to work to live and not live to work, so that they can maintain the so-called work-life balance and to have time for themselves and their loved ones.

    I understand that Worldline also places great emphasis on ecology and care for the environment. What actions are you taking in this area?

    Care for the natural environment and sustainable development are our basic values. As Worldline, we have initiated many ecological initiatives thanks to which we minimize our impact on the environment, e.g. by reducing paper and energy consumption in the office. Additionally, we promote pro-ecological attitudes among our employees, encouraging them to use bicycles and public transport. We support initiatives encouraging the use of cashless payments, which significantly reduce the exploitation of natural resources.

  8. Góralki

    Góralki wafers always inspire us to take action and accompany us in pursuing our passions! Feel free to discover new passions and explore those that have already won your heart! Góralki wafers are DELICIOUS JOY! Now maxi joy also in mini wafers – GÓRALKI SNACK.

  9. Kubota

    Kubota is a Polish brand of flip-flops, socks and clothing. The well-known brand associated with the 1990s returned in 2018 and since its reactivation has been developing very dynamically, consistently expanding sales channels. In November 2022, Kubota S.A. debuted on the NewConnect market, thus opening a new chapter in the brand’s history. As its founders say, Kubota went from the trading exchange at the 10th Anniversary Stadium directly to the Stock Exchange. During its 5 years of operation, Kubota has already cooperated with global brands such as Netflix, Coca-Cola and YouTube. The brand also offers a flip-flop personalization service in cooperation with business clients.

    Discount code for FRRuuu participants! 🥳
    Value: 15% discount
    Validity: until 22/12/2023
    No minimum order value, excluding SALE.

  10. MPWiK Wrocław

    #PijKranówkę social campaign encourages people to promote ecological attitudes and drink tap water. The action was born from the question: why in a country where almost everyone has direct access to high-quality water, we still buy bottled water? We hope that by becoming the official water of Bieg Firmowy, we will encourage each of you to drink tap water not only during the event, but also every day! As a socially responsible company, we promote drinking tap water, a healthy lifestyle and
    ecological and pro-social attitudes. That’s why we will take part in Bieg Firmowy as participants.

  11. GLS

    GLS Poland is one of the leaders on the Polish courier market, because for them parcels are something more. Each shipment carries a unique story, and customers are at the heart of everything they do. It is for them that we are constantly developing our services and network, in order to be closer and respond to emerging needs.

  12. Messa Marina

    It was established in 2023, drawing on history and inspired by Italian traditions and Polish hospitality. We invite you to a year-round restaurant with a beautiful view of the Oder and unique sunsets. Marina Kleczków at ul. Pasterska 2b is located in the old, historic Kąpielisko Różanka and is the only beach bar in Wrocław that has a covered area located in a historic recreation center.


Finally 🍒 on top. To the teams that took first place in Wrocław, Warsaw and Poznań will receive invitations to the Poland-Moldova match, which will take place on October 15. The winners receive access to the Silver zone at the PGE National Stadium ⚽

SPORTFIVE is a global sports marketing agency that implements solutions tailored to client needs, based on trust and transparency, extensive industry experience and international relationships, as well as digital intelligence and innovation. By strategically and creatively connecting brands, rights holders, media platforms and fans, SPORTFIVE creates and activates modern partnerships in sports.

SPORTFIVE operates globally through a network of over 1,200 local experts in 15 countries around the world, covering football, golf, sports, motor sports, handball, tennis, American football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, Olympics and multi-sport events.


The Silver Zone is located on the eastern stand of the stadium with seats for guests in the central sectors C. Special football restaurants with tables for 10 people are created in the Silver Zone, where participants can experience emotions and enjoy a unique atmosphere. FRRuuu winners will receive:

  • Exquisite cuisine throughout the event
  • Professional waiter service
  • Football gift
  • Possibility to use an exclusive parking lot
  • Separate SILVER reception

Thanks to Sportfive for more sports emotions for participants 💛




See you in a year 🚴🏻‍♂️💥