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1.1. Definitions
1.2. Introductory provisions
1.3. Purpose of the website
1.4. Defining the rules of Users’ access to the Website Resources
2.1. Participant’s Obligations
2.2. Blocking access to the Website
2.3. Processing personal data of Website Users
2.4. Intellectual property rights
2.5. Responsibility
3.1. Legal reservations
3.2. Remarks, comments and complaints
3.3. Final provisions

1.1. Definitions
1.1.1. Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy – an event involving the implementation of tasks by Participants from a given Team as part of a city bicycle game, September 7, 2024 in Wrocław, September 14, 2024 in Warsaw and the Tricity, and on September 21, 2024 in Poznań and Kraków conditions specified in detail in the Regulations;
1.1.2. Civil Code – Act of April 23, 1964 – Civil Code (consolidated text: Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1740, as amended);
1.1.3. Privacy Policy – means the document called “Privacy Policy” available for download on the Website at;
1.1.4. Regulations – means these “Regulations for the use of the website” available for download on the website of the Website at;
1.1.5. Regulations of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy 2024 – means the Regulations of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy available for download on the website of the Website at:;
1.1.6. Website – means the Website located on the Internet available at and all functions and tools available via this Website;
1.1.7. Company – means a natural person running a business, a legal person, an organizational unit without legal personality registering Teams participating in Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy;
1.1.8. Administrator – means Compani sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Wrocław, ul. Wielka 67, 53-340 Wrocław, KRS 0000474079, NIP 8943047901, REGON 022222083;
1.1.9. User – means any natural person who uses the resources of the Website in any way;
1.1.10. Participant – means an adult natural person registered as a Participant of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy by the Company, who confirmed participation in Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy and accepted the Regulations of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy 2024;
1.1.11. Team – means a team registered by the User on behalf of the Company, consisting of 4 Participants;
1.1.12. Website Resources – means materials made available on the Website, on the terms and within the scope specified in these Regulations.

1.2. Introductory provisions
1.2.1. These Regulations define the rules of free and unlimited use by Users of the Website, run and administered by the Administrator.
1.2.2. All rights to the Website, including proprietary copyrights, intellectual property rights to its name, Internet domain, website, as well as to templates, forms and studies belong to the Administrator, and they may be used only in the manner specified and in accordance with the Regulations.
1.2.3. Using the Website means acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations and the obligation to comply with them.

1.3. Purpose of the website
The website allows Users to access information about Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy
1.4. Defining the rules of Users’ access to the Website Resources
1.4.1. Access to the Website does not depend on the User fulfilling any formalities,
1.4.2. Using the Website requires:
– devices with Internet access with an installed web browser,
– enabled acceptance of cookies in the web browser used,
– Pop-up windows enabled.
1.4.3. The Administrator provides the User with free access to the Website’s resources for an indefinite period.
1.4.4. The Administrator has implemented solutions on the Website that ensure a high level of data protection, including the Website’s IT system that meets high data protection standards. All communication with the Website takes place via an encrypted link. All communication with the Website takes place via an encrypted link.
2.1. User’s Obligations
2.1.1. The User is obliged to use the Website in accordance with the law, the provisions of the Regulations and good practices.
2.1.2. The User is entitled to use the Website Resources only for his own personal use. This means in particular that with regard to data and any other materials contained in the Website Resources, both those that are protected under copyright law and those that are not, it is not allowed to use these materials for the User’s commercial activity.
2.2. Blocking access to the site
2.2.1. The Administrator reserves the right to block the User’s access to the Registration Services at any time if the User violates the terms of use, in particular in the following situations:
– violations of the law or good practices, including the content of information and texts posted on the Website, as well as in relation to the Administrator.

2.3. Processing of personal data of website Users
2.3.1. Personal data of Users and Participants are processed on the terms set out in the Privacy Policy available on the Website. The User should read the Privacy Policy before sharing or providing the Administrator with any data.
2.4. Intellectual property rights
2.4.1. All intellectual property rights, including in particular copyrights and rights to trademarks in relation to all materials, texts, illustrations, sounds, software and other Website Resources and their layout are the property of the Administrator or are subject to permission to use them granted by the owner (holder) of these rights.
2.4.2. The User may print parts of the Website or download them to a computer’s hard drive and transfer them to third parties, provided that they do so only for information purposes or for other purposes permitted under applicable law.
2.4.3. Without the prior written consent of the Administrator, the User may not:
– use the Website (including its copies or parts) or markings contained in the content of the Website for commercial purposes,
– modify the Website (part of it) or include it in the content of other works (including paper documents, websites, blogs, third-party accounts on social networking sites).
2.5. Responsibility
2.5.1. The Administrator is liable for non-performance or improper performance of the obligations arising from the Regulations on general terms with the following changes. The Administrator is not responsible for the actions of third parties operating the IT system of the Website, as well as for damages resulting from damage to the User’s computer equipment or its data resources, during or in connection with the use of the Website Resources, in particular as a result of getting into the User’s IT system computer viruses.
2.5.2. The Administrator is not responsible for technically incorrect operation of the Website, and for interruptions in the availability of the Website or Website Resources, which occurred due to a failure of the telecommunications communication system and for other consequences of faulty operation of telecommunications links and damage caused by them.
2.5.3. Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be liable for any indirect damage resulting from the use of the Website.
2.5.4. The User is liable for any damage caused as a result of disclosing to unauthorized entities an individual login and password necessary to use the Registration Services by the User.
2.5.5. Limitations of liability indicated in sec. 3 above will not apply to the User – a natural person using the Website directly related to its business activity, when the content of the Regulations shows that it does not have a professional nature for it, resulting in particular from the subject of its business activity, made available on the basis of the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity.

3.1. Legal reservations
3.1.1. Some information provided on the Website is historical and may be out of date. All information of a historical nature should be considered current on the date of its first publication. The Administrator is not obliged to update the published information.
3.1.2. The Website contains hypertext links to other websites, especially entities registering the participation of teams in Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy and partners of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy. The administrator has not read and does not bear and does not accept any responsibility for information or opinions presented on other websites
3.2. Notes, comments, complaints
3.2.1. Any remarks, comments and questions regarding the operation of the Website can be sent to the address of the Administrator’s registered office and to the following e-mail address:
3.2.2. The User has the right to file a complaint regarding the functioning of the Website.
3.2.3. Complaints regarding the Website should be directed to:
– via e-mail to the following e-mail address:;
– by post to the following address: Compani Sp. Sp. z o.o., ul. Wielka 67, 53-340 Wrocław
3.2.4. Immediately after considering the complaint, but not later than within 30 days from the date of its receipt, the Administrator shall notify in writing or in another form agreed with the User about the manner of its consideration.
3.3. Final provisions
3.3.1. The Regulations act as general terms and conditions of contracts within the meaning of the Civil Code.
3.3.2. We reserve the right to make changes to these Regulations. In the event of a change in the Regulations, its delivery to the User will take place by posting the new content of the Regulations on the Website, and in relation to registered Users, also by displaying relevant information as part of their account. The changes are effective from the moment they are introduced.
3.3.3. The Regulations are made available free of charge to Website users who can obtain, reproduce and record them via the Internet.
3.3.4. The conditions of participation in Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy, regulating the rights and obligations of Companies, Users and Participants in the scope of organization and course of Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy, constitute an appendix to the Regulations, constituting its integral part.
3.3.5. These Regulations and the use of the Website by Users are subject to the provisions of Polish law.
3.3.6. Disputes arising in connection with the implementation of these Regulations, including those regarding Firmowy Rajd Rowerowy, will be resolved amicably, however, in the event of failure to reach an agreement, they are subject to resolution by the competent court.